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Things to do

A space where you can forget your everyday noise and be healed

We can enjoy change of sky green earth color

Watch the morning sun or take a walk while listening to the birds singing
Listen to the cry of the pheasant・・・

Once you've been healed, play around at Fuji-Q Highland and Shore of Lake Kawaguchi!

I want adults and children to enjoy the extraordinary・!
  • BBQ

    "Meat, meat!" "Eat also eat vegetables"
    What a fun voice on the wood deck

    Embraced by nature, more open than usual
    I can eat a lot.
    • After all dinner is this!

      ! Everyone BBQ!

      It is surprisingly difficult to burn fire from charcoal・But this is fun!
      Even bakers, desperately checking for burning while sweating!

      Because there is such a hardship, it will be delicious and fun BBQ.

      ※The staff will assist you at your request.

      ◆Large stove installed
      ◆We will rent beer server
         10 liters: 9,500 yen (About 30 jugs)
      ◆We also order BBQ food set
         Meat is recommended by local butchers carefully selected
         According to your budget
  • Fireworks

    • Memories of Summer

      Have a fireworks under the starry sky

      In cities, it has become difficult to find places to do fireworks.
      But it's okay.
      As you can enjoy fireworks until 21:30, please prepare!
  • All you can eat for free!

    All-you-can-eat popcorn and ice cream
    • Appetizers? snack? All-you-can-eat

      Fresh popcorn

      Popcorn is freshly made, isn't it?
      If you notice it, you eat too much, but you do not need to hold back!
      Eat more and more!
    • Summer is this!


      All-you-can-eat ice lolly!
      Would you like some cool ice cream after a meal?
      You can't stop ice even in winter!
    • Cheers with welcome ice!

      White bear and ice

      A white bear greets you at the front desk building!
      Instagram is sure to be Instagram!