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Accommodation Features・Facility

Welcome to the front desk building

Please drop in when you come

Check-in at the front desk building surrounded by Asian furniture.

We will give you a key, and explain various items, rentals, and sales.

【Rental goods】
・seasoning (Cooking oil, olive oil, Cooking salt, Aji salt, Aji salt and pepper, Black pepper, Soy sauce, Shichimi etc.)
・Insect repellent spray
・Mosquito coil
・Fireworks candle

【Sale item】
・Coca-Cola Mt Fuji and cherry limited bottle set 2 bottles:400 yen)
・Juice in a bottle (Coca-cola, CANADA DRY, HI-C Orange, One: 150 yen)
・2 liter tea(One:200 yen)
・2 liter mineral water(One, 150 yen)
・The power of turmeric (One: 200 yen)
・White rice (Takekawa rice from Yamanashi, 180ml: 100 yen)
・Rock ice (1.1kg: 300 yen)
・Grilled meat sauce (One: 300 yen)
・3 kg of charcoal (500 yen)※BBQ rental set comes with 3kg
・Fireworks (From 2,000 yen)
・3-blade razor (One: 200 yen)

Ice and popcorn are all you can eat!
Please bring it again and again.

"Business hours at the front desk building", From 7:30 to 22:00
  • Front desk building

    Polar bears greet you at the front desk building!
  • Check-in counter

    Check-in is possible from 14:00.
    We recommend early check-in for BBQ.
  • Rent and sell at the front desk

    We have rental items and sales items.
  • Popcorn machine

    Freshly made popcorn
    As a snack for children! A snack for beer!
  • All you can eat ice cream

    All you can eat ice cream!
    Try to conquer all types
  • Relax at the front desk building

    Sit on the Asian sofa and have ice cream and popcorn!
  • It is targeted for cashless, consumer return business

    ・American express
    ・Diners Club
    ・au PAY

Number of buildings

Total number of buildings 4

Credit card available locally

VISA, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, UnionPay are available.